skunkworks: (noun)  a group of people who produce innovative products and use creative solutions to get the job done.

In other words, our focus is to innovatively work with you to make your idea— whether it's a full design or a simple sketch— into a beautifully machined part.  We mean it when we say, "from the back of a napkin to a finished part." TM

We know how to help you refine your design and work with you on a highly technical level so it is a seamless process from your sketch, to a preliminary 3D model rendering, to your finished part.  Nothing is lost in translation.  Our personalized service begins as soon as you submit your drawing and doesn’t end until you have a beautifully machined part in your hand.

And if you already have a finalized design and just need a quick turn shop to do quality work on your build-to-print job, we can do that, too— that's easy...

The History...

We created ARI Skunkworks to help our first company, Aerial Robotics, Inc. (ARI) with our own and our clients' R&D efforts because we often needed to iterate on designs faster than we could get parts made. Specifically, we needed systems and people that could

  • hold 6-micron tolerances,
  • make complicated designs without complicated setup, &
  • have the ability to make both small and large parts.
  • ARI Skunkworks was created by Kevin Stallard, owner of Aerial Robotics Inc., founded in 2002, and now located in Richmond, Utah.  

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    We couldn't seem to find machine shops that wanted to do our one-offs or even a small run at a price and timeframe that would work for us.  Sound familiar?

    Most companies we contacted were deep into production work and found it difficult to get our work done.  And no one really wanted to help us make our designs easier to manufacture.  Most wanted complete designs and no one had the desire to brainstorm and participate in the design process.  Their response was usually,

    "Dude, where's your drawing?"

    So to solve these problems we opened ARI Skunkworks, our full service CNC prototyping lab and machine shop.  Our goal is to help you create beautiful designs so you can finally get your parts machined accurately and when you want them.

    From prototypes, to build-to-print jobs, to production runs, we do it all.

    From the back of a napkin to a finished part.

    Submit your design now and let's get started...

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